Rejyna’s Weaves Citadel Solo-Style

The original Citadel guitarist/composer, Rejyna, will be performing an hour of Citadel songs ala solo acoustic style at Espresso Yourself Music Cafe in Powell, Ohio this Saturday.  Rejyna creatively uses a Digitech Jamman looper and Vocalist Live 3 to weave reworked versions of Citadel songs from several of the Citadel CD’s. 
Although Citadel has been loosely classified as a progressive band (i.e. Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Rush, Yes, Kansas) for the last 30+ years, Rejyna is giving the band’s songs an earthy twist by performing in intimate venues using a single guitar and some interesting music technology.  She does not perform with ‘backing tracks’ or computers; instead she records whole song sections LIVE in front of the audience into a looper which then allows her to layer in vocals and guitar solo and dual leads. 

Rejyna also uses the latest Digitech vocal effects – but she does not use them for ‘pitch correction’ or ‘autotune’, instead, she uses these devices to add harmonies to her lead vocal line in realtime.

How would one classify the music of Citadel as Rejyna presents it solo-style?  Call it folk rock, alternative, progressive folk, experimental indie – she just calls it Citadel…

For this special New Years Day show, Rejyna will also be joined on “Standing Alone” vocals by her mom and daughter, Margie and Jazmyn

Doors open at 6 and Rejyna’s set runs from 6:30 tp 7:30 pm

Come on out and hear some good music in a great venue on the first day of the new year! 

Espresso Yourself Music Cafe is located at:
50 West Olentangy Street in beautiful Powell, OH
(614) 436-7100

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