Citadel® D’ANthology Volume One – Coming Soon to CDBaby!

Citadel® D’ANthology Volume One

Now that “The Citadel® Star Tracks,” “Vintage Vinyls” and “The Citadel of Cynosure and Other Tales” is up on CDBaby (, it’s time to give you a hint on what’s next up in the remastering series, set for early Fall worldwide release.  W.E. and Citadel of Cynosure Prod (BMI) will soon be bringing you:

Citadel® D’ANthology Volume One
Объем Антологии Цитадели Один
Volume Un D’Anthologie De Citadelle
Zitadelle-Anthologie-Volumen Eins
Volume de Antologia de Fortaleza Um
Volumen de Antología de Ciudadela Un
Het Volume van de Anthologie van de citadel
Volume Uno Dell’Antologia Del Citadel
요새 선집 양 것
قلعة مقتطفات حجم واحدة

The Citadel® D’ANthology will be a two CD collection released as two single volumes, bringing to new and old fans many Citadel® songs not yet heard elsewhere. “Another” “Relaxing, Achieving” “Reaching Out” and almost three dozen more!   Volume One will be ready around September and Volume Two will be ready in time for Christmas gift giving! Work on the newest Citadel® release has been going slow these days but Whitman’s finger is on the mend (dag nab Xacto, see pix on the Citadel® Facebook profile) but we’re steadily getting back in the creative spirit – it will be worth the wait!

Citadel® D’ANthology Volume One features the singing string slinging Whitman’s with wildman mix-maestro and percussionist/drummer Dan Smart. Yes you’ve got it, that means even more mood swings, style switches, crazy effects, layers upon layers of voices and guitars – Citadel® the Genre Smashers are in full bloom on these tune packed CD’s!  Captured from the analogue masters, then carefully balanced and modestly processed, these songs sound as if they were recently recorded…

We want to thank all of you that are buying our music from our best friends at CDBaby, as well as iTunes, Rhapsody, PayPlay, AudioLunchbox, SnoCap, Indiestore, Amazon and more! Also, to all of the indie podcasters and internet radio DJ’s that are giving us the virtual spins – 
THANKS ALL OF YOU! You are the folks we’re doing this for, keep dreemin’ and keep stopping by our sites for more updates!  Always feel free to drop us a line, we earnestly endeavor to answer inquiries at

Citadel® - Since 1979 - The Progfest Pioneers Can’t Be Stopped!
Citadel® is a registered US tradename, Used With Permission

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