The Citadel® “Vintage Vinyls” Announcement!

Citadel® “Vintage Vinyls”Citadel® “Vintage Vinyls”
14-song CD with 5.5 x 8.5 16-page Photo/Lyric Booklet

Whitman Enterprises and Citadel of Cynosure Productions presents Citadel® “Vintage Vinyls” – a compilation of Citadel® songs from their early analog vinyl years including the first 45RPM, the QFM Hometown Project LP, and four LP’s pressed thru The Recording Workshop. Citadel® co-founder, G. Whitman wrote and produced these tunes through several versions and various CITADEL® band lineups. The mix interpretations on this disc are from 12 various engineering teams – many sounding quite different from the mixes the band later released and performed. Although several of these and other Recording Workshop tracks were later re-released after many an instrumentation, performer, mix and lyrical revision, the lyrics in the accompanying Vintage Vinyls booklet are presented as they are sung on this release.

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