Citadel® Pursues Webwide Proliferation!

Welcome to Citadel! Now on!

At ‘press time’ we are putting the final touches on the next CD, due out in ’07. We’re also finding out that our partnership with is turning out to be a fantastic step for us. As many of you know, we’ve been having fun posting videos on YouTube and MySpace. It started as a pastime between dog walks, restoring famous motion pictures, jamming and laying down tracks here at home – but now it seems we’re getting more mailed-in orders for the DVD’s! Okay then, now we’re hunting through each and every niche, nook, cranny and nib of frames, tape, film, tracks, vinyl and discs to post as much music, lyrics, art, photos and videos as we can. Just keep checking here for the updated lowdown, or go ahead and try out your favorite search engine, type in ‘Citadel’ and ‘music’, or, ‘Citadelsongs’, or better yet ‘citadel’ and ‘whitman’, or ‘citadel’ and ‘progfest’ – if you have a little time on your hands, we’d appreciate a report back from you on how everything clicks through, plays, sounds or doesn’t, drop us at line at and we’ll get right to it!

Hey friends, how’s about helping us spread the good jams with your online community? These folks at CDBaby are great, if you buy one CD at regular price ($15.00) any additional copies are half price!!! We know you got some gifts to buy…come on and give the gift of great music: Citadel! At CDBaby! Stay tuned for more exciting updates, and drop us a line in the interim!

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